Attitude is Everything By Keith Harrell


Who is Keith Harrell?
Keith Douglas Harrell, popularly known as Keith Harrell, was born on the 12th of December, 1955 in Seattle. He was a basket ball star in the 1970s at Garfield high school and later became a sought-after keynote motivational speaker. He died of in October, 2010 as a result of cancer disease. He was nicknamed silk for fluid moves on court. He was one of IBMs top sales and training instructors. He has also addressed thousands of audiences for corporate clients including Microsoft, McDonalds and coca-cola.

What happens to you, doesn’t have to live within you.—Keith Harrell

What is “attitude is everything”?
This is a book written based on his life struggles as a basketball player, as an IBM staff and how he changed from where he was to a better place and position by changing his attitude.
The book is aimed at the average person and teaches how to achieve anything by first changing your attitude. I know there are different books on attitude and with different mind-blowing concepts on this scope. I believe what makes his unique is the 10 life-changing simple steps he devised in turning attitude into action. This book will provide you with all the answers you need in changing your attitude for good. There are three questions according to him; we should ask when we are faced with a negative attitude.
Is it permanent?
Is it pervasive?
Is it personal? and after answering those questions, we’ll be left with no choice but to change that attitude.

Table of contents at a glance
Chapter one: attitude is everything
Chapter two: attitude is a choice
Chapter three: bag your bad attitude
Chapter four: change your bad attitude for good
Chapter five: turn your attitude into action
Chapter six: warning: attitude hazards ahead
Chapter seven: your attitude tool kit
Chapter eight: build you A-team
Chapter nine: develop a whatever-it-takes attitude
Chapter ten: make a mark that cannot be erased.

Number of pages: 245

My thoughts
It’s actually a great read. If you are tired of those negative thoughts, if you want to change and devise a winning strategy to do things effectively, if you truly want to be inspired and learn to approach life with a more positive attitude, then I urge you to grab a copy of Keith Harrell’s “Attititude is everything’” book because with his simple and understandable 10 life-changing steps, you can turn that attitude around.

Rate: 4 stars.

Think Positive, Think Different.
See you at the top.

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