Make A Choice


Sometimes in life, everything around appears to be misaligned, disordered and life appears to be turn apart in pieces which are impossible.
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12 things to consider when writing your goals



It’s been a great year so far regardless of the fact that I had my down-to-earth moments.
I am convinced that I wasn’t who and what I used to be because I’ve come to see few changes and improvements and i guess so have you. We learn from our every challenges. When you look back at how God’s been grateful and graceful in the past, it gives you faith for the future.

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Success: A choice or luck? (3mins)


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our
darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to
be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing
enlightened about shrinking so that other people
won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant
to shine. –Marianne Williamson

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3D factors successful people use to turn their dreams into reality.


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams- Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you realize how close you are to turning your dreams into your reality?
If you could see how close you are to success, you’d be kicking yourself that you haven’t just
reached out to grab it yet.
The truth is, no matter how much you feel like a
failure, success is literally waiting for you. Success is a process. There’s no short-cut to it. The only thing you have to do, is fight off
the factors that’s holding you back from achieving yours. The top is very free, but at the end only few end up there. There are factors, processes and ways to achieve success. One common thing I realized about all success-oriented personals is that they had to give in something be it their time or resources in order to get to where they are now.
Here are the 3-D factors successful achievers use in turning their dreams into reality.
1. Don’t make Excuses


If we choose someone successful to look at as an epitome, like Steve Jobs or Richard Branson or Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey, we’ll see that they never made excuses. When things went wrong, they didn’t blame other people, their background and they didn’t refuse to accept responsibility for their own mistakes. I’m not perfect though but there’s time in my life when I was more of an excusing person but since when I made it as a challenge to work on myself, I’ve seen things that are really different. Something about these men is that they neither tried to justify their poor choices nor make excuses because they understood
that failure is going to happen. After forming it as a habit to not make excuses, I got to realize that no matter what us, humans undergo, It’s not the end of the road – it’s just a one step on the road to success. When you think it’s the end of the road, add a B-end, because it’s just a bend away to your desired destination.

2. Don’t get scared of Failure
Like I already said, failure happens. But it’s not a
dead end – it’s just a bend which means you could still rise above it.
Too many people run into a tiny bit of failure,
and they think they’re done forever. They give up
immediately, never realizing how close they were
to achieving their goals.
The problem is, they take failure personally. They
think it means something’s wrong with them. But
the truth is, failure is part of the journey to
That’s why it’s so important that you stop getting scared of it.
3. Don’t Beat up themselves.
Think about it. Can you imagine Bill Gates,
yelling at himself, saying that he’s dumb, or lazy,
or any of the other million insults people tell
themselves? Of course not!
Successful people don’t beat themselves up.
They understand that taking your anger out on
yourself only pushes your goals farther away.
They still get upset, but they channel those emotions into constructive energy. They use that
energy as jet fuel to reach their goals. The truth about success is that you’re closer than you think. Sometimes all it takes is to embrace these factors so you can let your dreams
pour in.

Think Positive, Think Different.

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Just be yourself (2 mins)



Live authentically. Why would you continue to compromise something that’s beautiful to create something that is fake?
Steve Maraboli

I have a confession to make, I was comparing myself with others a lot. Guess what? I noticed I’m never going to be like you. I could try and try with every ounce of my being, but I still would be a lesser version of you than you already are. I could put all of my focus into acting like you, talking like you, writing like you, being like you – and you would still be better at being you than I ever could.

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What’s your drive? (3 mins)


Whatever your passion is, keep doing it. Don’t waste time chasing after success or comparing yourself to others. Every flower blooms at a different pace. Excel at doing what your passion is and only focus on perfecting it. Eventually people will see
what you are great at doing,
and if you are truly great, success will come chasing
after you.
Suzy Kassem

When asked during an interview how he managed to reach the top as a professional bodybuilder and Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger
replied with a single word, “Drive!” Imagine how it could feel to drive your own car. Now, imagine how it would feel when you drive a car but lost in search of a given location.
Everyone’s life is been driven by something. Ever sat and wondered what drives you to do what you do every day? For me, it’s the promise of growth, the promise of change, hope and the desire to be more than what I am at present.

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Book Review: 7 Things resilient people do differently (4mins)


2-sentence Summary

The 7 habits of emotionally resilient people explored in this book will give you the tools to master your emotions by ensuring your emotions are the passengers in the car rather than the driver. It clearly points out the differences between a resilient and non-resilient person.

Emotional resilient people who are no longer held back by limiting emotions–no matter how tempting, achieve more success in every area of life. Akash P. Karia

My 3-takeaways In a glance:
1. Your emotion is your reality.
2. Your body language is the cause of your emotions
3. Take charge of your emotions by controlling your ABC loop

1. Your emotion is your reality.
We have to open and be willing to learn in this context, our learning process begins with an honest acknowledgement of every emotion we experience. Whatever emotion– fear, jealousy, we should allow ourselves to feel it without an attempt to our it away or change it. By accepting your emotions as a reality, it gives you an opportunity to take careful inventory of every feelings you encounter and move on to make positive changes.

2. Your body language is the cause of your emotions

Our body language plays a big role in creating a powerful emotional balance. As simple as our body posture, we can increase our confidence by 20%, boost our testosterone level and reduce stress by 25%. Wow isn’t that amazing?!

3. Take charge of your emotions by controlling your ABC loop

Your ABC loop in a simple context, is an acronym for
A = Antecedent {The stimulus}
B = Behaviour
C = Consequences
The Antecedent is a given thing that spurs someone to do something.
The behaviour, is the reaction that follows when you give in.
The consequence, is what happens or the feelings left after for what you’ve done.

Here’s an example for more clarity. Say you want to lose weight but when you find chocolates around, you find yourself being tempted to eat them even when you’re on diet. But why not toss them out of the house? By getting rid of those chocolates {the antecedent}, you change your emotional response. Instead of eating the chocolate, by getting rid of it is {the behaviour} the consequence? You don’t get to gain more weight.

P.S: Got this book from the author and I’ll say that Akash drove the points home beautifully.

Ratings: 3.99 of 5

The Implausible Impact Of Your Environment For Success


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.
John Muir

Motivation is great. Literally billions of dollars are spent each year by people trying to build their motivation. Tony Robbins, Jeff Keller and others have made fabulous careers helping people maximize their motivation. In truth, you could be helped to focus your motivation for success. All of that is good and useful.


Your environment may be, to a greater extent, as important as your motivation.

By environment, I’m not talking where you live. It is more about how you choose to live.

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