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Birthday Post: My 20 Random Acts Of Kindness At 20!!!

Nothing is better than the perspective for helping a person want to do the right thing.

When you have something going to live for, not only does it make you desire a long life, but it also helps you see the importance of the steps along the way. Seeing the big picture enables us to put up with the limitations.
I came across this on Amy Bennett’s post a couple of months ago and was inspired. I loved what she did but I knew I wanted to try. So I decided to start my random acts of kindness since June leading up to my birthday. Got few ideas from Brad’s Post.

Here are my 20 acts of random (or maybe not so random) kindness:

1.Phoned My Parents and told them i love them.

2.Payed fares for the next person.

3.Complimented a stranger who looks down. At least, when he looked up I saw a smile.

4.Offered to help some people in an area where i have a lot of skill.

5.Put my copy writing skill to work by helping someone on a research project with 34 hour deadline.

6.Asked to see a manager and gave them personal POSITIVE feedback on their services.

7.Let someone in front of me on a busy highway. Did it and most of them thought I was just a quiet and shy person. Ouch!

8.I went to the bank to make deposit and their customer care lady was particularly helpful and accommodating. When checking out she gave me a survey to take.  I was in a rush, but I took it in hopes that it would help her in some way since she helped me.

9.I made a conscious effort to make eye contact and smile with others at a supermarket. I know it always makes a day to get a smile from a stranger!

10.Sent a note of encouragement to a fellow blogger.

11.Picked up litter in the parking space and around school.

12.Kept my side of an agreement on one hand, for an honest review on two books:Firstly, 10 Minute Digital Declutter co-authored by S.J. Scott of HabitBooks and Barrie Davenport of Live Bold and Bloom. Secondly, 7 Things Resilient People Do Differently by Akash Karia  while on the other hand, I got a copy as a gift.

13.Helped a friend to start up a little business. After that, i learned being an entrepreneur and calling yourself one are two different things.

14.As a way of showing someone that his idea was worth the risk he took, I opt-in and seeked adverts for him. I brushed my marketing skills beautifully.

15.Didn’t wait to say “hello” and ask how some people were doing. What i realized from this is that sometimes we shy away from people when we know they’re having a rough time. We assume we should wait for them to approach us, so we’re not intruding. Instead, i have now learned to ask people how they’re doing. If they don’t want to talk, they’ll say they’re “fine.”Many people will be relieved to have someone to talk to. If you don’t ask, they might never mention anything to you. They might not want to burden you with their problems

16.Smiled at everyone I passed by. It didn’t just make them happy but I also got more happier.

17.Helped someone realize the importance of reading books. Now she reads two books per month.

18.Helped someone who looked lost and needed help with directions; without waiting to be asked.

19.Taking myself out on a treat. At least I need to do a little kindness for myself too.

20.Used every opportunities I had to give compliments. It costs nothing, took no time, and i know it could make someone’s entire day. One thing I learned from doing this is to not just think it in the mind but to simply Say it.


Have you opened your gift?


Sitting down, watching little clips of talent shows online, I couldn’t help but wonder how magnificent we all are. No matter what people say, we are all gifted uniquely in one thing or the other. Some people term someone “talented” only if he/she is either a dancer or a singe. Are these the only talents we could have? To teach, write, swim, or anything we do with much relaxed feeling is pure talent. I over heard few people along the street arguing over Messi and C. Ronaldo, who is more talented? To be honest, they both are. Our talents are gifts. Have you cared to open them? According to Rick Warren,

“an unopened gift is worthless.”

You’ve got to open up that gift(s) in you and get a hold of what’s in it. Though there are different kinds of gift, they all serve the same purpose; to be of service to people. Put that gift of yours to good use. You can sing, but you’re bed-ridden; you can dance but you’ve got the anxiety-depressed disorder, or stage freight. You think that you’re the only one that is or have experienced it? No you aren’t. The difference between a winner and a loser is just the decisions they made. Don’t just think, just do. That’s what I’ve come to realize. What we believe we are planning to do, Is what someone out there is working on. Instead of waiting for that perfect time to start, just do it.
Nonetheless, there two common problems why you may have left your gifts still lying closed.
You are Envious of other people’s gifts: this occurs when we compare our gifts with others and then become resentful or jealous.
You project your gifts wrongly: this occurs when we think it’s of no use to because we happen to think everyone else has that same gift.
What you waiting for? It’s a new year. Which means it’s a new you, a new resolution, new goals. Pick up that present and open it. Put it to good use this. Let’s illuminate the world with our gift no matter how or what it is. Happy New You. 
Thanks for reading.

Think Positive, Think Different.

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Thank you 2015! Hello 2016!


This year has been one of the most productive years in my life. To have met like minds, made new friends and probably foes I guess… to have achieved most of my goals, gained new skills, found new ideas, made few mistakes and also right one’s, got more experience, more opportunities and to have been a part of  a wonderful, inspiring, brilliant and beautiful communities both online and local, I say thank you!!