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Weed your garden, weed your mind.


A man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed seeds will fall therein, and will continue to produce their
kind. –James Allen

Imagine what happens if you don’t weed your garden? It will look nasty right?
That’s what happens when you don’t weed your mind. Oh don’t you know your mind is a garden. It sure is and like every garden, it needs weeding once in a while. (or do i say, “to be wed?”) please help me out.


I took out 25 minutes today to stroll round a beautiful garden and just seeing how beautiful the flowers were nicely arranged made me love it the more. I then thought about it, for this garden to look this beautiful, it was being taken cared of. To be honest, that’s how your mind should be too. If you have a garden, spend minutes weeding it. As you do so, imagine also weeding out negative thoughts and procrastination from your mind. [If you don’t have an actual garden, simply walk around your yard ­you’ll probably still find plenty of weeds! But hey! If you don’t have a yard of your own, you can instead make this a mental exercise done during meditation; it will still work just as well.]


3-Day Quote Challenge Day 3

Dalai Sama

Reflect on it…

here’s another


My Addition to this
You are a vivid reflection of your thoughts. Whatever you think of, you act on. [if you think you could fail in doing something, you could.]
Always try to stay positive by keeping your mind filled with words that will help you grow and by surrounding yourself with people who will help bring out your best.

Take a step forward into the light and create a world of your own by thinking positively and differently.
Day 3 Nominees
Elan Mudrow
Vincent Carlos

How do you stay positive? Please share with us.

Have you opened your gift?


Sitting down, watching little clips of talent shows online, I couldn’t help but wonder how magnificent we all are. No matter what people say, we are all gifted uniquely in one thing or the other. Some people term someone “talented” only if he/she is either a dancer or a singe. Are these the only talents we could have? To teach, write, swim, or anything we do with much relaxed feeling is pure talent. I over heard few people along the street arguing over Messi and C. Ronaldo, who is more talented? To be honest, they both are. Our talents are gifts. Have you cared to open them? According to Rick Warren,

“an unopened gift is worthless.”

You’ve got to open up that gift(s) in you and get a hold of what’s in it. Though there are different kinds of gift, they all serve the same purpose; to be of service to people. Put that gift of yours to good use. You can sing, but you’re bed-ridden; you can dance but you’ve got the anxiety-depressed disorder, or stage freight. You think that you’re the only one that is or have experienced it? No you aren’t. The difference between a winner and a loser is just the decisions they made. Don’t just think, just do. That’s what I’ve come to realize. What we believe we are planning to do, Is what someone out there is working on. Instead of waiting for that perfect time to start, just do it.
Nonetheless, there two common problems why you may have left your gifts still lying closed.
You are Envious of other people’s gifts: this occurs when we compare our gifts with others and then become resentful or jealous.
You project your gifts wrongly: this occurs when we think it’s of no use to because we happen to think everyone else has that same gift.
What you waiting for? It’s a new year. Which means it’s a new you, a new resolution, new goals. Pick up that present and open it. Put it to good use this. Let’s illuminate the world with our gift no matter how or what it is. Happy New You. 
Thanks for reading.

Think Positive, Think Different.

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10 savvy tips to ensure your success when persuading people

To ensure your success when persuading people, and help propel longevity in a career where you must be persuasive, you must take
the time to analyze your actions
and constantly work towards
improving yourself. These ten tips
will help you continue to build the
foundation beneath your career as
a public speaker, as a salesperson,
as a small business owner, and as
a professional in many other
vocations as you work towards a
long, prosperous career.
From Successful Persuasion Through Public Speaking , a book by John Hayes, Zig Ziglar introduces ten
concepts for us to consider that
will ensure success if followed.
These tips are primarily for people
who work in fields where they
interact with their clients, such as
salespeople or public speakers, but
can be applied to most any
profession or work relationship
where persuasion is employed.
1. Don’t dictate
People are naturally curious. When
you tell someone that your way of
thinking is the right way of
thinking, they are instantly going to
be apprehensive about believing
you. It is incredibly important to
never attempt to dictate the
thoughts and ideas of other people
because that will immediately put
them on the defensive and make it
much less likely that you will
convince them of anything. To
ensure success when persuading
people, don’t dictate.
2. Convince people you are correct
To reach success when persuading
people, you must do exactly that:
persuade. Convince people that
your idea is correct, that it is the
right way to think. In his interview
with Hayes, Ziglar told the story of
Aristotle and Galileo – a prime
example of the power of
“Many years ago Aristotle made the statement that two weights of the
same material would fall at
different rates of speed and the
larger, heavier one would hit the
ground first. This was taught at the
University of Pisa. However, many
years later a young philosopher
named Galileo said that was untrue
—that if they were of the same
material they would fall at the
same rate of speed. He was
challenged to prove it. He went to
the top of the Leaning Tower of
Pisa, dropped two weights different
in size but made of the same
material, and they hit the ground at
exactly the same time. He had
convinced everyone there that he
was right. However, guess what
happened? They continued to teach
what Aristotle had said many years
before because Galileo had
convinced them but he had not
persuaded them.”
Ziglar’s story is especially
important when learning how to
find success when persuading
people because it shows how a
scientific experiment was not
believed to be true because he did
not convince people he was correct .
You must convince people. Never
assume the facts will do the work
for you.
3. Convince people your advice is
Additionally, “In the world of
speaking, sometimes you have to
convince people that your position
is right, that the advice you have
given is good.” You must get
people to also understand that
what you are saying is good.
Sometimes an audience will
understand what you are saying is
correct, but they still may not buy
into the quality of actually
implementing the advice you give
them. Sure, they know they should
work out every day if they want to
become more fit… but is that really
good advice when they have such
pressing matters at home and work that take up their time? If you don’t
convince them that their health is
more important than their finances,
if you don’t convince them that
they need to maintain their
wellness to maintain balance in
their life – they may not ever take
action, despite agreeing that your
advice is correct.
4. Take a walk in their shoes
Sometimes, in order to get people
to “personally adopt and buy into
the concept and use it in their own
lives,” we need to see the world
from their point of view. Ziglar
uses an example of a chess match
to show how this works, saying
that in chess it is often seen that
chess masters “will frequently move from their own side of the chess
board to the opponent’s side and
look at the board from the other’s
perspective.” This can be employed
in the world of persuasion as well.
“It’s true everything is in plain
sight, but something seems to
happen when they move to the
other side and see their own board
as their adversary sees it.” To
understand where your prospect’s
life is currently sitting, and to
understand their frame of mind, you have to open yourself up and put
yourself in their shoes. “We need to
look at things from their side.” It is
vital to “better [be] able to plan…
strategy” when persuading others.
5. Give a reason
“You will also be more able to
persuade when you give the
audience a reason for following
your suggestions.” Don’t just say
you are right and that you are good
and that you understand where
they are coming from. That isn’t
enough. You must also reason with
them. Reason with your prospect
and give them reason to believe
you. After all, if they’re going to be
waking up 30 minutes early every
day… they might need to use that
reason to tell their spouse why
they are waking up so early!
6. Give an excuse
Not just a reason. “Sometimes a
reason for taking action is not
quite enough and if they use an
excuse to take action it often
means they are emotionally moved
but not logically. If you find both a
reason and an excuse, they are far
more likely to make an action
decision and later be glad they
did.” You want to give people all of
the support they need when
working towards change in their
life, when buying a product, when
doing something that is not in their
status quo. “Find both a reason and an excuse and you will be more persuasive in more cases.”
7. Remember your reputation
“Your permanent persuasion ability
depends largely on your reputation.
If you have a good one, your
persuasion ability skyrockets.” The
biggest factor in success when
persuading people is many times
your reputation. “In the world of
speaking, it’s particularly true that
your reputation makes the sale.”
People are more willing to trust,
quicker to believe, and more likely
to buy from you or be convinced of
something if your reputation
precedes you or at least is a
reliably good one.
8. Be consistent
In creating a reputation that is
quality, your consistency matters.
Ziglar notes consistency as one of
his “greatest persuasive efforts.”
His clients “know exactly what
they’re getting before I’m invited
and, over the years, I have been
able to build a very large clientele
through reputations and
recommendations through those
clients.” Consistency begets loyalty,
which begets success when you’re
in the world of sales.
9. Be honest
Honesty is always the best policy
in life and in the work world. “If
you have a reputation for shady
deals and being undependable, your
reputation can be your worst
enemy.” If you lie, if you are shady,
and if you are not an honest
person… people will discover this
and your ability to persuade will
begin to plummet downwards. The
lie is not worth the risk. Be honest.
10. Deliver on your promise
Finally, Ziglar asserts, “Deliver what
you’ve promised and the reputation
you build will be the ultimate
persuader.” It is as simple as that.
Be the person you say you are, do
the things you promise to do, and
you will find success when
persuading people.

See you at the top.


“The real voyage of discovery doesn’t consist of seeking a new landscape but in having new eyes”_Marcel Proust
It’s not uncommon to find people blame their failures to achieve stated goals on limitations of time and resources. Indeed this has become an everyday excuse that without these two obstacles, all humans would have become. As great as all the famous achievers known in history; ancient and contemporary time.
However, the truth of the matter is that continuous blaming of time and resources for failures would achieve nothing but to confine us to where we are. A radical approach which retails seeing beyond the apparent environmental obstacles to face our tasks squarely and with all vigour will scheme wonders in leading us to even the remotest, the most ambitious of our aspirations. This calls for sight, vision, right planning and right discipline. Key tips to rising above the ever present pressure of time and resources and get directly connected to our goals are listed below.
1. Articulate your goals.
2. Define your strategies and constantly review them.
3. Define your daily tasks.
4. Review your performance daily.
5. Compete with yourself and not others.
6. Above all, be disciplined.
Articulate your goals.
According to Soren Kierkegaard, The greatest mistake a traveller could make is to start without being sure of his or her destination. Therefore, the first step to pursuing life’s goals is to identify what those goals are and describe them in relevant details. Former US president, Bill Jefferson Clinton noted that early enough in his life,he had defined a set of clear cut life ambitions for himself which includes ‘having a successful legal practice and becoming a successful politician’. Such goals definition makes us resolute, keeps us focused against all odds and distractions. Sit back get a pen and paper and identify those goals see to it that you work to achieve them.

No human endeavor thrives in the absence of a define plan of execution. People are constantly in the mistake of ascribing planning to only those tasks that are public and official. He who fails to plan, plans to fail. Therefore, we must always produce blueprints for pursuing our goals. It is important to know, that since time and circumstances offer different challenges and they do vary as time goes on, then this begs the need for continuous effort in improvement is needed. If we just keep to just one strategic plan , it will leave us just chasing shadows in the name of pursuing our goals that’s why it’s good to always improvise.

A journey f one thousand miles, they say begins with a step. Therefore, pursuit of life’s ambition is an everyday task; each day is a opportunity to take one step that gradually takes us nearer to our goals. Defining our daily task means the stating, in writing what we plan to do in a day and time them just like a timetable in other words, drafting your work schedule.
This means cross checking the task you accomplished and the ones you didn’t if there is and re-note them.
We often times try to compete with others. Yes I was ones like that I do remember when a friend of mine bested me in math, my aim all that term was to try and best him though I later did, but after I saw I had bested him, I just relaxed and that was the mistake I made and that’s what we normally do. Nonetheless, when we compete with others it also helps us know how far we’ve gone and try to get better but that doesn’t mean we should just keep on competing with them like a game but rather try as much as possible to be better than what you were back then. Just like Usain Bolt, who has been breaking world racing records he breaks those records by competing with others but before that he always improves himself. His coach did say that most times during trainings, he breaks those records personally now that makes when he comes to race again he breaks records.
This is the last and important aspect of being a success. Now, what’s discipline? According to the7th edition Oxford dictionary, it’s the ability to control your behavior or the way you live. Discipline helps one to be restrained and focused in the face of laziness. According to John Robinson, “discipline is he number one attitude to lethargy; it brings out the best in you by keeping you going without succumbing to personal forces of laxity.” We all know time runs fast it waits for no one but managing time and resources will do a great deal of good for us. It is hard to find someone who would say he or she has got all the time to do what he wants to do and what life has to offer. This tells us that great achievers are people who have taken extra steps to maximize and use their time judiciously. They are not the people with best opportunities but they seized the opportunity they had and made the best out of it. I believe we can too. See you at the top!


Just as snowflakes fall individually, no two are
alike. Each snowflake takes the perfect form for
the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for its
journey. And while the universal force of gravity
gives them a shared destination, the expansive
space in the air gives each snowflakes the
opportunity to take their own path. They are on
the same journey, but each takes a different
path. This shows and explains how unique and
special each snowflake is. We as humans too,
are unique no matter how imperfect we may
think to be.
We are gearing up, on a journey to a given
destination thus, it’s right to say that we are
absolutely perfect for what is required of us. I’m
not perfect for your journey, and you are not
perfect for mine, but I’m perfect for my journey
and you are perfect for yours too. I am heading
to where you are also heading to- the top. We
may follow different routes to get there, but one
thing is certain, we can get there. We are just
both exactly perfect the way we are. My purpose
and yours is not the same. Just like a fan, which
its purpose is to give air when there’s heat or
when we feel hot. But when you try to make it
give out heat when you’re cold, you’re simply
altering its purpose. Nonetheless, before it’s
switched on, it must be plug directly to a socket.
Now, this socket just explains how it is for us all;
through the socket, the fan gets powered on and
through simple techniques and steps, we can
achieve what we have been meant to achieve.
As Rick Warren did put in his book the purpose
driven life, “you were born by his purpose and for
his purpose”. We have an assignment to
accomplish. Don’t let anyone trash you down by
some gibberish words that may be to your
dismay. You are unique.
As humans we are, we cannot run away from
negative thoughts or people trying to tell us what
we aren’t but what we can do is make sure we
don’t let those negative words and thoughts get
to us. At every given moment, we are absolutely
unique for what is required of our journey in life.
Think of what understanding this great
orchestration could mean to us, and in our
relationships. Imagine interacting with others
knowing that they too share in with the parallel
of snowflakes. Like you, they are headed to the
same place and no matter what they may appear
to you, they have taken the perfect form and
route to their journey. Our relationship will be
strong if and only if, we see and respect the
uniqueness of us all. I’m unique and you are
unique too.