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Beefing Up Your Confidence (8mins)


As long as you look for someone else to validate who you are by seeking their approval, you are setting yourself up for disaster. You have to be whole and complete in yourself. No one can give you that. You have to know who you are – what others say is irrelevant.
Nic Sheff

Confidence is ‘the belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities.’ This feeling can easily be mistaken for the feeling of knowing you are better than others or that you do not care about what others think which is incorrect confidence is not about other people it is about yourself how you view yourself, how you reflect yourself and knowing your capability and capacity.


4 Secrets Children Can Teach Us About Creativity.

photo credit: Thinkpynk

Every child is an artist, the
problem is staying an artist when you grow up – Pablo Picasso

I don’t know if this has happened to you too (yet, I bet it has), but many times in the past I used to find myself procrastinating throughout the day, though I really love what I do. Deep inside I wanted
to create new projects, but I felt tied down by daily routine, and I had very little time to think in a different and creative way. Every day I used to promise
myself, “Today I will focus on this and that.” But too bad, I couldn’t keep that promise. Something else always needed my immediate attention. Talk about multitasking. My priorities were never set on what I wanted to create. It was at that moment I realized that my creativity has been blocked. Instead of investing my time in things that inspire me, I was merely spending it doing just the normal thing all day long. This spoiled my energy and made me exhausted, disoriented and in a negative mood that not only left me far from being inspired, but also caused me to lose my focus on the creative things that were of importance to me.