Just as snowflakes fall individually, no two are
alike. Each snowflake takes the perfect form for
the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for its
journey. And while the universal force of gravity
gives them a shared destination, the expansive
space in the air gives each snowflakes the
opportunity to take their own path. They are on
the same journey, but each takes a different
path. This shows and explains how unique and
special each snowflake is. We as humans too,
are unique no matter how imperfect we may
think to be.
We are gearing up, on a journey to a given
destination thus, it’s right to say that we are
absolutely perfect for what is required of us. I’m
not perfect for your journey, and you are not
perfect for mine, but I’m perfect for my journey
and you are perfect for yours too. I am heading
to where you are also heading to- the top. We
may follow different routes to get there, but one
thing is certain, we can get there. We are just
both exactly perfect the way we are. My purpose
and yours is not the same. Just like a fan, which
its purpose is to give air when there’s heat or
when we feel hot. But when you try to make it
give out heat when you’re cold, you’re simply
altering its purpose. Nonetheless, before it’s
switched on, it must be plug directly to a socket.
Now, this socket just explains how it is for us all;
through the socket, the fan gets powered on and
through simple techniques and steps, we can
achieve what we have been meant to achieve.
As Rick Warren did put in his book the purpose
driven life, “you were born by his purpose and for
his purpose”. We have an assignment to
accomplish. Don’t let anyone trash you down by
some gibberish words that may be to your
dismay. You are unique.
As humans we are, we cannot run away from
negative thoughts or people trying to tell us what
we aren’t but what we can do is make sure we
don’t let those negative words and thoughts get
to us. At every given moment, we are absolutely
unique for what is required of our journey in life.
Think of what understanding this great
orchestration could mean to us, and in our
relationships. Imagine interacting with others
knowing that they too share in with the parallel
of snowflakes. Like you, they are headed to the
same place and no matter what they may appear
to you, they have taken the perfect form and
route to their journey. Our relationship will be
strong if and only if, we see and respect the
uniqueness of us all. I’m unique and you are
unique too.


Your life is a rare privilege and responsibility
which you cannot shirk.
Many times when we are affected by the
adversities of life or other challenges, we wonder
about the value and meaning to life. We are so
perturbed that we begin to ask why me. It is not
right to react to the issues of our life in this
way. It is perfectly normal to ask questions. But
the questions we ask should be what and how
and not why me. What and how questions of life
evoke the spirit and desire to give service to
fellow beings and society at large.
Our life on earth is a rare privilege to serve. We
cannot see it in another light and expect to be
successful in life. If you wake up and realize you
are now on this planet earth, your life would be
best served when you make decisions along the
following lines:
• I am life
• I am privileged
• I am rare
• It is only me that is me
• I must serve
When we view our lives on the mirror of service,
we are automatic champions. We are instantly
successful. And this is regardless of where we
are coming from.
Poor family background is not an excuse for
poverty. In fact, it has been known to be the
greatest propeller for success for many of the
world’s greats.
Rich family background is not a guarantee for
success in life. In fact, we know countless
number of cases where family wealth had
become an impediment to the success of the
posterity of the family.
When we set out in life serving others, we end
up being their masters. Those you serve depend
on you and sometimes surrender happily their
wealth and sense of direction in life in your
hands to do as you please. We have seen a lot of
this in real life and in movies and books to
buttress this point.
The Saviour Jesus Christ gained all that his
Father has by serving ordinary human beings
even unto surrendering his own life.
One of the ways we can see the adversities of
our lives with an eye leading to success is to see
them as opportunities to move to the next level
in life through service. Actually, it is strongly felt
that some adversities come to us if we overstay
our welcome at a particular spot and are not
involved in the dynamic project of service. The
great Creator Himself instigates some events
that disrupt our comfort zone so that we might
march on to our glory through service and the
way we respond to the events occurring in our
The challenge of living our lives in any other way
other serving and claiming our God ordained
glory is that we could end up in hell. And hell is
when we look at the sunset of our lives and
regret about the things we have done or have
not done, especially of services not rendered or
rendered poorly.
Your lives challenges and adversities are the
schools where you learn how to live on the earth
by service. Your earth life is the school where
you learn how to live in eternity with God,
serving and praising Him. You are expected to
pass your class promotion examinations to be
promoted to the next level and service is the
examination, the homework and pretests you
need to undergo on the route to your success.
See you at the top.


“A river cuts through rock, not because of it’s
power, but because of its persistence”
We live in a world filled with war and conflicts.
People around us feel and wish there is a place
where they could go to that they will call a “safe
haven” but I’m sorry to burst that bubble, there
isn’t. Each and every one of us cry out for
change. I know the problems in our country tend
to escalate each passing year. Just recently,
according to studies, the number of abortions in
Nigeria alone as at 2012 was 1.5 million. Wow
that’s quite a number.
The increased rate of corrupt practices never
ends. We solicit and cry out for peace but at the
end that peace we search for, we may not see.
There is a reason why. This is because we just
sit down and wait for the government to do
something instead of trying to fight for that
peace. Mahatma Ghandi beautifully said, “Be the
change you want to see in the world” this is
completely true. If we need something changed
we have got to work together to see that it—the
change we need, happens.
The time for us to sit back and keep on dreaming
is over. We have got to wake up and pursue
those dreams. We may have woken to pursue
our dreams but because of what people say, we
tend to give in to their words. Thereby, turning
and going back to sleep a little more. I want to
tell you to wake up and pick up those materials
and continue! Many great men we hear today
never made it to the top by just wishing.
They worked at getting what they wanted. They
had numerous hurdles to jump, and one striking
similarity between all of these great men we
hear is that they stayed true to their cause. They
always looked ahead. You may look around and
see how poor your background is, how you have
been living off drinking “Garri” as your breakfast,
lunch and dinner. You may be asking one of the
most asked questions we all ask “can I make it?”
the answer to this question is simple: YES YOU
If those great men we heard of, gave up to their
cause, would we hear about them? It may not be
easy but it’s worth it. Don’t let your
circumstances now, keep you blinded to the ever
truth that YOU CAN. I stumbled on a post on
facebook months ago on how MTN came to
invest in Nigeria at a time when nobody wanted
to check-in here to invest, at a time when
Nigerians never had phones.
They were short of cash. They asked for loan
from Zenith bank but were turned down they
persisted because they looked forward to the
“tomorrow” we see today, will bring. Today the
difference is clear. Henry ford wanted
automobiles to be owned by many even the “low
class” individuals it seemed impossible but today
it isn’t. Bill Gates believed, Martin Luther King jr.
believed, Nelson Mandela believd they all
believed and I urge you to believe. Re-ignite that
spark and don’t stop, keep at it.
There may be days when you get up in the
morning and things aren’t the way you had hoped
they would be. That’s when you beat your chest
and say that things will be better. Don’t stop
what you do continue and keep at it. The only
difference between here and there is ‘T’ which is
time. They told Bill Gates, they told Henry Ford,
they told Andrew Carnegie but today they are
history makers. Don’t listen to what people may
say or what life is throwing at you. Believe and
keep at it.
“You don’t have to be great to start, but you
have got to start to be great.”
See you at the top.

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