18 Inspirational Quotes to keep you moving

1. “Just know, when you truly want success, you’ll never give up on it. No matter how bad the situation may get.” – Unknown
2.. “Accept responsibility for your life. Know that
it is you who will get you where you want to go,
no one else.” – Les Brown
3.“I don’t regret the things I’ve done, I regret the things I didn’ t do when I had the chance.” –
4.. “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”
– Joshua J. Marine
5. . “Its hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but its harder to give
up when you know its everything you want.” –
6.. “One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you
should do, even when you dont feel like doing it.”
– Unknown
7..“Good things come to those who wait…greater things come to those who get off their ass and
do anything to make it happen.” – Unknown
8..“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of
livingevery minute with love, grace & gratitude.”
– Denis Waitley
9.. “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” – Bill
10..“Go where you are celebrated – not tolerated. If they can’t see the real value of you,
it ’s time for a new start.” – Unknown
11..”Dont be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone.. –
12.. “The best revenge is massive success.” –
Frank Sinatra
13..“Forget all the reasons it won ’ t work and believe the one reason that it will.” – Unknown
14..“I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. Its because of them I’m doing it myself.”
– Albert Einstein
15..“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep
looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs
16..“Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are
sweet, cherish it.” – Unknown
17..“When you say “It’s hard”, it actually means “I’m not strong enough to fight for it”. Stop
saying its hard.Think positive!” – Unknown
18.. “Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.” – Unknown

See you at the top.



Though it is possible for us to be envious of those around us, it takes personal desire and plan to improve on and develop the dream of greatness that has been buried by the sands of laxity. Dream big!
     –Precious Kc George

Hello dear readers, it’s Tuesday! And each day brings new promises of a greater you. Most times, we may look discouraged when we see that our plans and/or goals for a given thing fall through. Please don’t be. It takes awhile to be at the zenith of where we have envisioned for ourselves.
Don’t get your mind stressed out thinking about how you’ll achieve that success in life. Don’t put  unnecessary pressure on yourself. Don’t let the thought of how you’re going to make it in life bother you. Don’t get worked up because your
dream is yet to bring you that success which you’ve been expecting. Refuse to get depressed
about it. Don’t get worried or nervous about if you’re ever going to be a success in life. Stop
feeling like you can’t cope with life anymore. Just don’t stop pursuing your dreams. Develop a positive mindset within yourself that it is possible to be fulfilled in life. Believe that in spite of your unpleasant circumstances, you’ll prevail and be a
success. Be hopeful that no matter how long it takes, you’ll achieve greatness. Always be creative and add new ideas that can push your
dreams forward to a successful end. Dream that dream, keep that faith high you can make it if not now in time but with time. See you at the top.

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Just recently, I met a friend of mine who likes going to gym almost everyday. Maybe to keep fit or for the ladies I just don’t care. He also does weight lifting. Out of the  weights in the gym, there were two he doesn’t lift. I was curious to know why because by looking at his muscular body, I felt like there was nothing he couldn’t lift. (he could lift the Eiffel tower too) I was puzzles to know why he never tried.   I asked he said that someone who was more muscular than him tried lifting them but couldn’t. He then thought to himself not to try lifting those loads. I was like he should try lifting them again despite the fact, he told me that he had tried but had muscle pull and back ache. We had to bet on something though for him to try it again. If he succeeds he will get to pay for few things I wanted to get in a store just across the road but if he doesn’t, then my wrist watch was on the line. Oh well I got my fingers crossed. After all said and done, he lifted them up! Like something came over him. Wow he was amazed and I was too. I was happy the more because I got to keep my wrist watch — I have it on me now. After seeing him accomplish such great feat, I realized that as humans, we’ve got no limit; we have all the power inside of us to do great things. I can recall years back when I heard of a woman that lifted a car when she saw her little girl under it on the verge of being squashed. Now I understand why she could–because of her “will power”. I guess it just comes to play in a very crucial Scenerio. Just like my friend who thought, believed and accepted that he couldn’t. After seeing someone who he thought could have done more, failed. It registered in his subconscious and conscious which made him unable to lift the weight when he tried thus brought about the back pains and muscle pull too. But after a while, was able to lift it. This just shows how powerful our thoughts and us are. You may find strong people, but you can be even stronger. They van be fast, but you can be faster. Don’t surrender. There’s no limit to what you can do. Your speed and stability, all your ability comes from within. You’ve got that power within to win. Just like Kelly Clarkson sang, spread your wings and learn how to fly. Do everything till you touch the sky. Make a wish, take a chance, make a change and break away. This is a new week. Break that limit; you’ve got the power to win. 


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Take your stand! Many things do happen to make you lose focus in pursuit of your vision. Adversity of life come your way to make you stop believing in
yourself and what you can do. Things happen that leave you battered and tattered. Your
relationship, business, personal life get attacked and it seems all hope is gone. Know that what
you do when you are exhausted is what really matters. Believing in yourself that you can still be an
inspiration to many people is important. How you handle your bad situations now will
determine how successful you will be in the future. Your challenges are there to leave you with a life changing experience. Utilise the experience to climb up the ladder to your greatness. Learn to apply the same enthusiasm you apply in solving your problems to pursuing your dreams. Determine to live out your purpose in life. It is possible! How you present yourself is how people will accept you. Show your true potential to the world. You deserve greatness. You deserve the best in life.


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”—Edith Wharton

Last night, I was just stressed out a bit confused I may say, on what to do then I just decided to step outside my balcony to look up at the stars. I noticed something strange, when I looked up at the stars, I realized that I couldn’t see them earlier but as at the time I later came out at about 2am, the stars where much more brighter I thought to myself, “why is this so that stars was nowhere to be found?” that’s when it struck me like a lightening bolt that the difference between then—when I didn’t see any, and when I did see many was that then there were lights in the city, many people were still working, the noise, the rush hour and so on. But at 2am most people where asleep and in the dark of the night I could see them clearly. Guess what? You are also a light what you have to do is let that little light of yours shine.
Moreover, with that much said, I am amazed at the number of people, walking through life, deadened to the purpose for their living. They while away their time emulating the way others live, instead of living a positive life of their own. They live from a couch, watching a TV set; they sit at their computers seeking satisfaction in information and games; they live for the latest i-phone, Ipad, Xbox, or other electronic gadget. With the push of a button, they expect the abundant life. They are beings, with a light of special gifts, talents, and experiences. Living life like robots. I really want to tell them to wake up and share of themselves with a darkened world that needs their light. Where is their ambition? What is their purpose for living? We were put here to bring light to others. We need to have goals and expectations and work towards accomplishing our aspirations. What is our responsibility for the privilege of living in this world? As the sun lights our days and the moon our nights, we are being called on to light up the lives of those around us. Think about the power of light. It makes sight possible, which allows us to see things the way they really are. It eliminates the darkness. With the power of your light, darkness retreats. As a matter of fact, stars shine in the darkness and are brighter in the darkest places. You have the capacity to bring love and joy, care and compassion, and inspiration and motivation to others in this world. It begins with your thoughts and emotions and which is brought out through your actions. “…as a he [a man] thinketh in his heart, so is he…” KJV What would it mean to light the world around you with great hope, desire, and possibility? When you change just one life, you start to change the whole world. Take a stand. I’m taking a stand. We can do it together and redirect the steps of a few lost souls. You are a light which can never be hidden use that light and illuminate your world. See you at the top.


Written by Andy Rooney, of CBS-TV 60 minutes
He was a man who had the gift of saying
so much with so few words!

This words are like darts let them sink down

“I have learned…. That the best classroom in the
world is at the feet of an elderly person.
I have learned…. That when you are in love, it
I have learned…. That being kind is more
important than being right.
I have learned…. That you should never say no
to a gift from a child.
I have learned…. That I can always pray for
someone when I do not have the strength to help
him in some other way.
I have learned…. That no matter how serious
your life requires you to be, everyone needs a
friend to act goofy with.
I have learned…. That sometimes all a person
needs is a hand to hold and a heart to
I have learned…. That simple walks with my
father around our compound when I was a child
did wonders for me as an adult.
I have learned…. That life is like a roll of toilet
paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it
I have learned… . That we should be glad GOD
does not give us everything we ask for.
I have learned…. That money does not buy class.
I have learned…. That it is those small daily
happenings that make life so spectacular.
I have learned… That under everyone’s hard shell
is someone who wants to be appreciated and
I have learned…. That to ignore the facts does
not change the facts.
I have learned…. That when you plan to get even
with someone, you are only letting that person
continue to hurt you.
I have learned…. That love, not time, heals all
I have learned…. That the easiest way for me to
grow as a person is to surround myself with
people smarter than I am.
I have learned…. That everyone you meet
deserves to be greeted with a smile.
I have learned.. That no one is perfect until you
fall in love with them.
I have learned… That life is tough, but I am
I have learned…. That opportunities are never
lost; someone will take the ones you miss.
I have learned…. That when you harbour
bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere.
I have learned…. That I wish I could have told
my Mom that I love her one more time before
she passed away (so if your Mom is still around,
take time out to express your love to her more).
I have learned…. That you should keep your
words both soft and tender, because tomorrow
you may have to eat them.
I have learned…. That a smile is an inexpensive
way to improve your looks.
I have learned…. That when your newly born
grandchild holds your little finger in his little fist,
then you are hooked for life.
I have learned…. That everyone wants to live on
top of the mountain, but all the happiness and
growth occurs while you’re climbing it.
I have learned …. That the less time I have to
work with, the more things I get done.


It’s another Monday; so many people hate this
day, about 85% of salary earners hate this day
because it comes with its own stress and
pressure. The question is what is the difference
between Pressure and Stress?
Stress is a word now commonly used to describe
both the events that are a source of pressure
and the subjective feelings associated with
external events and stimuli. The Health & Safety
Executive defines stress as ‘the adverse reaction
a person has to excessive pressure or other
types of demands placed upon them’. This
makes a distinction between ‘pressures’, which
can be a positive state if managed correctly, and
‘stress’ which can be detrimental to health.
Pressure on the other hand, is the part of the
job, we all know that, little pressure is ok to get
the task done with improved performance but
excessive pressure can lead to lot of problem
mentally and physically. Nowadays many people
think of ways to reduce pressure at work as
growing competition and business hierarchy are
major causes of pressure.
Therefore, the followings are ways to manage
the pressure:
• Take time before you react. Study any given
situation carefully, think about it and come up
with a plan. This is a better way to respond than
being hasty
• Prioritize tasks; focus on tasks which are linked
to your most immediate objective.
• Direct your energy toward situations where you
can affect the outcome and don’t spend time
worrying about what you cannot change.
Successful people focus on tasks which they can
control and let go of the rest.
• Take the help of others. You can seek the
input of other people before reaching any
decision. You may also delegate some tasks to
others if you have a tight schedule. Decide which
tasks can be delegated to other people and do
• Learn how to deal with different kinds of
people at work – complainers, aggressive people
etc. Develop your listening skills in order to
interact better with people and pay attention to
improving your communication skills.


“The real voyage of discovery doesn’t consist of seeking a new landscape but in having new eyes”_Marcel Proust
It’s not uncommon to find people blame their failures to achieve stated goals on limitations of time and resources. Indeed this has become an everyday excuse that without these two obstacles, all humans would have become. As great as all the famous achievers known in history; ancient and contemporary time.
However, the truth of the matter is that continuous blaming of time and resources for failures would achieve nothing but to confine us to where we are. A radical approach which retails seeing beyond the apparent environmental obstacles to face our tasks squarely and with all vigour will scheme wonders in leading us to even the remotest, the most ambitious of our aspirations. This calls for sight, vision, right planning and right discipline. Key tips to rising above the ever present pressure of time and resources and get directly connected to our goals are listed below.
1. Articulate your goals.
2. Define your strategies and constantly review them.
3. Define your daily tasks.
4. Review your performance daily.
5. Compete with yourself and not others.
6. Above all, be disciplined.
Articulate your goals.
According to Soren Kierkegaard, The greatest mistake a traveller could make is to start without being sure of his or her destination. Therefore, the first step to pursuing life’s goals is to identify what those goals are and describe them in relevant details. Former US president, Bill Jefferson Clinton noted that early enough in his life,he had defined a set of clear cut life ambitions for himself which includes ‘having a successful legal practice and becoming a successful politician’. Such goals definition makes us resolute, keeps us focused against all odds and distractions. Sit back get a pen and paper and identify those goals see to it that you work to achieve them.

No human endeavor thrives in the absence of a define plan of execution. People are constantly in the mistake of ascribing planning to only those tasks that are public and official. He who fails to plan, plans to fail. Therefore, we must always produce blueprints for pursuing our goals. It is important to know, that since time and circumstances offer different challenges and they do vary as time goes on, then this begs the need for continuous effort in improvement is needed. If we just keep to just one strategic plan , it will leave us just chasing shadows in the name of pursuing our goals that’s why it’s good to always improvise.

A journey f one thousand miles, they say begins with a step. Therefore, pursuit of life’s ambition is an everyday task; each day is a opportunity to take one step that gradually takes us nearer to our goals. Defining our daily task means the stating, in writing what we plan to do in a day and time them just like a timetable in other words, drafting your work schedule.
This means cross checking the task you accomplished and the ones you didn’t if there is and re-note them.
We often times try to compete with others. Yes I was ones like that I do remember when a friend of mine bested me in math, my aim all that term was to try and best him though I later did, but after I saw I had bested him, I just relaxed and that was the mistake I made and that’s what we normally do. Nonetheless, when we compete with others it also helps us know how far we’ve gone and try to get better but that doesn’t mean we should just keep on competing with them like a game but rather try as much as possible to be better than what you were back then. Just like Usain Bolt, who has been breaking world racing records he breaks those records by competing with others but before that he always improves himself. His coach did say that most times during trainings, he breaks those records personally now that makes when he comes to race again he breaks records.
This is the last and important aspect of being a success. Now, what’s discipline? According to the7th edition Oxford dictionary, it’s the ability to control your behavior or the way you live. Discipline helps one to be restrained and focused in the face of laziness. According to John Robinson, “discipline is he number one attitude to lethargy; it brings out the best in you by keeping you going without succumbing to personal forces of laxity.” We all know time runs fast it waits for no one but managing time and resources will do a great deal of good for us. It is hard to find someone who would say he or she has got all the time to do what he wants to do and what life has to offer. This tells us that great achievers are people who have taken extra steps to maximize and use their time judiciously. They are not the people with best opportunities but they seized the opportunity they had and made the best out of it. I believe we can too. See you at the top!


Just as snowflakes fall individually, no two are
alike. Each snowflake takes the perfect form for
the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for its
journey. And while the universal force of gravity
gives them a shared destination, the expansive
space in the air gives each snowflakes the
opportunity to take their own path. They are on
the same journey, but each takes a different
path. This shows and explains how unique and
special each snowflake is. We as humans too,
are unique no matter how imperfect we may
think to be.
We are gearing up, on a journey to a given
destination thus, it’s right to say that we are
absolutely perfect for what is required of us. I’m
not perfect for your journey, and you are not
perfect for mine, but I’m perfect for my journey
and you are perfect for yours too. I am heading
to where you are also heading to- the top. We
may follow different routes to get there, but one
thing is certain, we can get there. We are just
both exactly perfect the way we are. My purpose
and yours is not the same. Just like a fan, which
its purpose is to give air when there’s heat or
when we feel hot. But when you try to make it
give out heat when you’re cold, you’re simply
altering its purpose. Nonetheless, before it’s
switched on, it must be plug directly to a socket.
Now, this socket just explains how it is for us all;
through the socket, the fan gets powered on and
through simple techniques and steps, we can
achieve what we have been meant to achieve.
As Rick Warren did put in his book the purpose
driven life, “you were born by his purpose and for
his purpose”. We have an assignment to
accomplish. Don’t let anyone trash you down by
some gibberish words that may be to your
dismay. You are unique.
As humans we are, we cannot run away from
negative thoughts or people trying to tell us what
we aren’t but what we can do is make sure we
don’t let those negative words and thoughts get
to us. At every given moment, we are absolutely
unique for what is required of our journey in life.
Think of what understanding this great
orchestration could mean to us, and in our
relationships. Imagine interacting with others
knowing that they too share in with the parallel
of snowflakes. Like you, they are headed to the
same place and no matter what they may appear
to you, they have taken the perfect form and
route to their journey. Our relationship will be
strong if and only if, we see and respect the
uniqueness of us all. I’m unique and you are
unique too.


Your life is a rare privilege and responsibility
which you cannot shirk.
Many times when we are affected by the
adversities of life or other challenges, we wonder
about the value and meaning to life. We are so
perturbed that we begin to ask why me. It is not
right to react to the issues of our life in this
way. It is perfectly normal to ask questions. But
the questions we ask should be what and how
and not why me. What and how questions of life
evoke the spirit and desire to give service to
fellow beings and society at large.
Our life on earth is a rare privilege to serve. We
cannot see it in another light and expect to be
successful in life. If you wake up and realize you
are now on this planet earth, your life would be
best served when you make decisions along the
following lines:
• I am life
• I am privileged
• I am rare
• It is only me that is me
• I must serve
When we view our lives on the mirror of service,
we are automatic champions. We are instantly
successful. And this is regardless of where we
are coming from.
Poor family background is not an excuse for
poverty. In fact, it has been known to be the
greatest propeller for success for many of the
world’s greats.
Rich family background is not a guarantee for
success in life. In fact, we know countless
number of cases where family wealth had
become an impediment to the success of the
posterity of the family.
When we set out in life serving others, we end
up being their masters. Those you serve depend
on you and sometimes surrender happily their
wealth and sense of direction in life in your
hands to do as you please. We have seen a lot of
this in real life and in movies and books to
buttress this point.
The Saviour Jesus Christ gained all that his
Father has by serving ordinary human beings
even unto surrendering his own life.
One of the ways we can see the adversities of
our lives with an eye leading to success is to see
them as opportunities to move to the next level
in life through service. Actually, it is strongly felt
that some adversities come to us if we overstay
our welcome at a particular spot and are not
involved in the dynamic project of service. The
great Creator Himself instigates some events
that disrupt our comfort zone so that we might
march on to our glory through service and the
way we respond to the events occurring in our
The challenge of living our lives in any other way
other serving and claiming our God ordained
glory is that we could end up in hell. And hell is
when we look at the sunset of our lives and
regret about the things we have done or have
not done, especially of services not rendered or
rendered poorly.
Your lives challenges and adversities are the
schools where you learn how to live on the earth
by service. Your earth life is the school where
you learn how to live in eternity with God,
serving and praising Him. You are expected to
pass your class promotion examinations to be
promoted to the next level and service is the
examination, the homework and pretests you
need to undergo on the route to your success.
See you at the top.