I have been distant for the past few months and I have missed sharing my posts and ideas with you all. Life has been challenging, busy and very different for me recently. I have not been myself and have had a lot of growing to do. I knew this year would be a big year for change but WOW !!! … I never expected the change to be this rapid.

Two months after my birthday last year I made a deal with myself that I would focus on my health in 2017. I wanted to become more of a healthy-ish person by doing more. I know that when real change is to take place we generally go down before we come up. Boy did I go down.
I was working on buying my domain name this past few months only to realize that my domain had been bought by a guy in India. I had a crazy tied up semester. From then on many different issues came to the surface. Thankfully nothing ended up being too serious.

Down the road, after sharing my goals at the beginning of this year, I got to connect with folks that had similar goals with me. It’s quite remarkable the amazing things we can do or achieve when we are reconnect to our inner-child. The feeling of an unending possibility to do more, achieve more and be more. Which has made me smile when I felt like crying, I got up when I felt like crawling into a hole and I carried on with a glimpse of trust in my heart and hope for better days ahead.

Honestly, Self-Worth is an integral part of inner peace and happiness. I needed to accept what I was going through and love myself anyway. I am not invincible. Perhaps this was my biggest lesson I got to learn. There is always an answer to what we want and most often, the answeres are right before us. All we need do is be calm, meditate and it gets to our notice.

My journey this past few months has been remarkable. Although I had some lows, I did have highs too:


•Got to change my Dell for a sony vaio with more amazing features.

•Enrolled for a graphics and photography class to nurture my skill in the use of photoshop and coreldraw.

•Almost done with editing the book i’ve been working on. Funny how the issue of raising funds for publishing came knocking and just after some weeks, I met a man, who happened to own a publishing coy. After discussing with him, he decided to take care of the publishing, marketing and everything that comes with getting a book out there. Awesome right? It didn’t stop there. I got so freaking happy until he landed a bomb: That every rights will be given to them plus the credit won’t be mine. How crazy could it be. I declined and having seen how interested he was in it, got me motivated to try out other mediums to get this milestone accomplished.

So happy to be back. It’s been a long time coming. Can’t wait to read awesome power-packed post from my fellow bloggers. Missed you guys. Sending you love, faith and a little piece of inspiration to never give up. You can overcome anything. The answers are there. Be patient. Seek help. Most importantly…love yourself anyway…
I feel I am on my way back out of this vortex and because of this experience, I will be healthier, wiser and so much stronger than I ever was before. I am determined to be so. I love this body of mine and I intend to live with passion and vitality again. I sign off now with more love, more understanding and more compassion in my heart than ever before. Be well.

Precious Kc George.

Published by Precious George

Hello. My name's Precious Kc George. A product of the '90's. I'm living, learning and leading. I'm a writer who always look at the bright side of things despite my skanky and painful days. A student, Entrepreneur, Introvert and an avid learner. I love listening to music. I express my musings in words with a passion for world change. If drinking tea a lot is an addiction, i sure am a tea addict. In my spare time, I love singing, writing, sports, watching movies and oh yes also love to keep my two-eyed balls on a good book.

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  1. As a fellow indie author, I can only stress what you have already found out… while enthusiasm about one’s writings are wonderful, they cannot always be taken literally. Many publishers will simply “feed your ego” in an attempt to get your book… and the rights to all the business possibilities. Kudos to you for turning that one down. The right publisher for you is out there some where, so just keep looking and be patient! All the best. 🙂

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    1. Really needed to hear this right now. I just wonder what publishers gain by “feeding off people’s ego”. No doubt, I’d fallen for it at the sound of how stress-free it will be for me to finally get my work out there but…glad to have not given in later on. Keeping my fingers crossed as I scout and find the “one”. Thanks Colin. You rock!!


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