Imagine walking with your eyes closed, for a moment. How does it feel? Safe or scared?
Can you walk where you can’t see?

How then can the blind walk since they can’t see? They see with their Mind.

Open your eyes to the wonders and beauty this world brings. Most times, you feel like throwing the towel because things don’t go as planned. With the thoughts of an embittered history, you look into your mind but see nothing. Just like a pen from the lips of anthills, when held by a writer breathes a life of its own, you can see beyond the horizon by opening your mind.

The power of your mind goes beyond your wildest imagination. The obvious difference between a millionaire and a multi billionaire is just their mindset. You’ve got the power to stretch your imagination, if and only if, you can sit and think of the “How you can” more than the “Why you can’t”.

Why do you think someone can be looking afar without even seeing what’s coming? Why is it that you could be gazing at a picture but see nothing? How can I be sitting on a rocking chair but sailing round the world? The speed of your mind is 10 times faster than the speed of light. Without seeing things with your mind, you see nothing.

The eye of your mind is as powerful as you think it to be. In order to see beyond the horizon, you’ve got to exploit it. Just with the wisdom of your mind, you can travel distant places, with the sight of a vision, you can narrate blows from a distant and with the knowledge of your thoughts, you have known the result. Step off your comfort zone and rise up to see beyond your horizon by tapping into your mind.

Think Positive, Think Different.

Our mind is quite amazing and powerful but why is it that the way the output we get seems different?
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Published by Precious George

Hello. My name's Precious Kc George. A product of the '90's. I'm living, learning and leading. I'm a writer who always look at the bright side of things despite my skanky and painful days. A student, Entrepreneur, Introvert and an avid learner. I love listening to music. I express my musings in words with a passion for world change. If drinking tea a lot is an addiction, i sure am a tea addict. In my spare time, I love singing, writing, sports, watching movies and oh yes also love to keep my two-eyed balls on a good book.

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