Place a high value on people (3mins)


There are three keys to more abundant life: caring about others, daring for others and sharing with others.-William Ward

One of the secrets of maintaining a good attitude is valuing people. You can’t dislike people and have a good attitude towards them at the same time. Think about it; have you ever met anyone who always treated people badly but had a positive attitude? Likewise, you cannot have a bad attitude and encourage others at the same time.

Encouraging others means helping people look for the sparkling diamonds in them and trying to bring out their positive qualities. This process drives out the negative thoughts away.
Your interaction with others sets the bone of your day. It’s like the music of your life. When your interactions with others is poor, it’s like having to listen to cacophony music. But when you place high value on people and you treat them well, it’s like listening to sweet melody as you go through your day.

One of the most exciting decisions you can make is to be on the look out for opportunities to invest in others. This was one of the lessons I learnt last year from one of my mentors.
When I flashed back, I noticed that it was one of the most powerful tools besides goal system, that made last year an exceptional one. It was all because I chose to genuinely adopt the people-investment system. A decision that changed my life.

Here Are Three Simple Ways To Place High Value In People.
1. Find something positive in everything.
2. Find someone positive in every situation.
3. Control your attitude.

Starting from Now, assign yourself the purpose of making others happy and successful. People have a way of becoming what you encourage them to be. Be a people-person. Start changing lives no matter how small it could be and at the end, we’ll together make this world a better place.

Over to you, what other ways do you use in being a people-person?

Think positive, Think Different

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Hello. My name's Precious Kc George. A product of the '90's. I'm living, learning and leading. I'm a writer who always look at the bright side of things despite my skanky and painful days. A student, Entrepreneur, Introvert and an avid learner. I love listening to music. I express my musings in words with a passion for world change. If drinking tea a lot is an addiction, i sure am a tea addict. In my spare time, I love singing, writing, sports, watching movies and oh yes also love to keep my two-eyed balls on a good book.

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