12 things to consider when writing your goals


It’s been a great year so far regardless of the fact that I had my down-to-earth moments.
I am convinced that I wasn’t who and what I used to be because I’ve come to see few changes and improvements and i guess so have you. We learn from our every challenges. When you look back at how God’s been grateful and graceful in the past, it gives you faith for the future.

The year we’ve all wanted to see months back, we did. Now, a month, two months and more has gone. And here’s another.

To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything like a NEW YEAR or New Month seriously….every year and month has the same number of days and weeks (except for a LEAP Year).

So, what then makes a New Month or Year?
It’s simple….Its a NEW YOU!! Try to be better than what you were last Month. That’s what it takes.

A New YOU will determine your New Month or Year.

What Are Your Plans For This Month?

Let me stretch it a little more. Not just your plans but to be precise, Your Personal Development Plans.

You need a Detailed, Specific, measurable, Articulated well-structured and Written Plan, which you must be loyal and committed to this month. If you’ve not planned at all, it’s not late to start either. Put into consideration this plans.

Here’s A Guide To Creating A New You

  1. Spiritual Development This literally means moving from relationship to a quality fellowship with Your God and Creator. God isn’t looking for FANS but FRIENDS. Try to strengthen your relationship with Him.

  2. Mind-Enhancing Books How many are you going to read? Be it daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly. Every successful achiever, still read. Knowledge is power. The more you read, the more knowledgeable you become, the more powerful you are.

  3. Professional And Career Advancement Attend Seminars, Conferences or Workshops (whether Paid or Free) to help you professionally and career wise.

  4. Mentors and Coaches Having a mentor is one important factor you MUST consider. It could bridge the gap between knowledge and actually action. Some people have that knowledge, but they can’t execute it that’s when finding one plays a crucial role. You can learn more on that here

  5. Skills development Try to find relevant skills to learn that will of course, help you and in no doubt, enhance your ability to SERVE and EARN.

  6. Network or Associations
    As always keep growing your network. As humans, communication is really important in our every day-to-day activity. If you’ve got negative associates, try to put them at arms length and connect to one who will help encourage you. Nonetheless, this will also serve as leverage.

  7. Sever or Cut Off Negative Relationships or Friendships. As time goes, you’ll find that it’s not about just having friends but actually having real one’s that matters.

You are a product of your many meetings. Who you meet will either add to or subtract from you.

Try to be careful of negative friendships. It appeared hard for me, but since I did this I’ve not been more happier.

  1. Invest! Invest! Invest! invest on things that will aid in improving you and/or increase your income.

  2. Deal With Negative habits, attitudes and behaviours. A habit that may sound cool to others may not resonate with you. If it doesn’t, work on putting it off. You could even make it a project and see that it’s done. Just as habits weren’t built overnight, it will take awhile before you shrug it off.

  3. Mind Your Positive habits,and attitudes Try to be conscious of your positive habits and behaviours that must be cultivated. You can start a monthly challenge in order to do this. It actually works. You can call it a 20-day challenge, 30-day challenge etc the more you get consistent in it, you’ll be amazed at the result. Few months back, I had a 21-day challenge to be grateful for everything and in doing such, I can vouch that it really works.

With these, I think you can have a New You this Month.
What Other Things Do you Think could be added to this list? Feel free to share.

Think Positive, Think Different.

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Published by Precious George

Hello. My name's Precious Kc George. A product of the '90's. I'm living, learning and leading. I'm a writer who always look at the bright side of things despite my skanky and painful days. A student, Entrepreneur, Introvert and an avid learner. I love listening to music. I express my musings in words with a passion for world change. If drinking tea a lot is an addiction, i sure am a tea addict. In my spare time, I love singing, writing, sports, watching movies and oh yes also love to keep my two-eyed balls on a good book.

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