My 40 Awesome Goals For This Blog


If you’re bored with life, if you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things—you don’t have enough goals –Lou Holtz

It feels good to know we’ve entered a New Year filled with much glaring and amazing things to do and challenges to face and yes it also come with victories! I’ve come to realize that creating and monitoring goals for yourself, is one of the most effective, entertaining and interesting ways of improving who you are.

But… come to think of it, if creating goals for ourselves could improve us, then creating one for your blog will as a matter of fact, do same.

The power of goal setting is breathtaking. I’ve been setting goals but after 2015, I’ve come to see the awesome power behind doing such. Other years, I simply put them down but sometimes forget to review and even to follow them up.

Okay about the blogging goals, it just started as just a thought when this blog kicked-off so I researched about it—setting blog goals, and then came across an amazing Post by Kevin Duncan With that, I decided if I need the fire alive and push forward to making this blog stay firm, setting goals is a number one priority. What better way to keep me motivated than to publish it here? Though i may be an introverted shy one, who may be reluctant to share but over the years, I’ve come to see the great importance of sharing.

I know the advantages this could do. Below are the goals for this blog:
1. Receive my first comment (Nov. 2015)
2. Get 10 comments in one post(Nov. 2015)
3. Get 50 awesome comments in a single post
4. Get 100 beautiful comments in a single post
5 Get 500+ total comments in all post
6. Get 1000+ total comments in this blog
7. Get my first social share (Nov. 2015)
8. Hit 50+ likes on the facebook page(Dec. 2015)
9. Hit 100 likes on the facebook page
10. Hit 500+ likes on the facebook page
11. Hit 1000+ likes on the facebook page
12. Gain 100+ followers on twitter( Jan. 2016)
13. Gain 200+ followers on twitter (Feb. 2016)
14. Gain 500+ followers on twitter
15. Gain 1000+ followers on twitter
16. Add a facebook widget to this blog (Dec. 2015)
This Blog
17. Publish the first post (Nov. 8, 2015)
18. Gain the first email subscriber

  1. Get my first back links
  2. Get my first back links from a popular site.
  3. Land my first guest post
  4. Land my first guest post on an influencer site.
  5. Get featured in an interview or “expert round up”.
  6. Gain 50+ WordPress followers
  7. Gain 100+ WordPress followers
  8. Gain 500+ WordPress followers
  9. Gain 1000+ WordPress followers
  10. Get 50+ email subscribers

  11. Get 100+ email subscribers

  12. 200+ email subscribers

  13. Get 500+ email subscribers

  14. Get 1000+ email subscribers
  15. Get mentioned by an A-list blogger
  16. Reach 100 visitors in a day (tallying on 79)
  17. Reach 500 visitors a day
  18. Reach 1000+ visitors a month
  19. Reach 10,000+ visitors a month
  20. Reach 100,000+ visitors a month
  21. Get 10,000+ email subscribers

40. Get 100,000+ email subscribers.

  1. Build an awesome community.


Hopefully, that list is enough to give me a burning desire to do what I do and from the energy I receive around and from you guys, I believe it’s possible. And of course, it’s not just about setting a goal, but following it up by reviewing and evaluating your progress every step of the way.

The journey of a thousand miles they say begins with a single step. Hers’s my first step.

Do you set goals and if you were to have your way, what’s that one thing you’ll wish to achieve right away?

Think Positive, Think Different.

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14 thoughts on “My 40 Awesome Goals For This Blog

  1. I set goals at work daily and then accomplish them. I set goals for my blog such as I post my grateful post daily. I don’t have a lot of fun goals, such as I want to go here, or do this, I have things I muse about but I should make a list and then do them…that sounds like fun…I think I’ll make a list for this summer…things I want to do! Thanks for inspiring me!! 🙂

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