My 43 life Goal list

The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goals steadily and aims to it unswervingly
—Cecil B. De Mille



Life is more than just following the normal eat, sleep, conquer repeat routine, there is more to it than that. As a matter of fact, we all have a role to play in structuring the kind of life we envision to live. Setting goals isn’t just like a to-do list that we accomplish today or tomorrow, but a starting point toward structuring the life we dream to have. I have been setting my goals though but I only write them down in my personal diary. So from what I’ve come to realize, making it [our goals] open, will push us to try and accomplish them. According to the research I made, It was mind-boggling to know that only 3% of the world’s populations actually write down their goals. Took some inspiration from Jack Canfield’s 101 goal list and I had to ask myself few “what” questions like
What do I want to do?
What do I need to do?
What do I want to see?
Where do I want to see?
Where do I want to be?
What legacy do I want to leave?
What do I want to share?
What do I want to have?

After asking those questions, I figured my answers came as a laid-down goal to achieve.
You may ask why I’m publicising it.
It’s simple here’s why:

  1. To be held accountable so as not to sweep them under and be a victim of the “maybe next time, week, or year” thing.

  2. To get help from people around like you, with awesome ideas and positive vibes. With that, together we’ll both achieve our goals and walk each other home. And finally To stay motivated. 


Okay here goes

Countries places I’ll like to explore
1. The united states of America
2. London, England
3. India
4. Around Africa
5. Isreal
6. Spain
7. China
8. Hawaii
9. Jerusalem

10. The Great wall of China
11. The Eiffel tower
12. The tomb where Jesus  was buried

13. Ride a hot air balloon
14. Try swimming
15. Try skydiving
16. Try skiing in a snowy country
17. Swim with dolphins

18. Sponsor a child
19. Sponsor a family
20. Start a foundation
21. Appear on National shows, magazines and international channels like
Times magazine
•Richard quest show,
•Inside Africa,
22. Write a best selling book
23. Write and publish a book
24. Write and publish an e-book
25. Build or buy my dream house
26. Own a car which could have a TV, fridge + cool gadgets inside(which will be awesome )
27. Become a keynote speaker
28. Gain 10,000+ followers on twitter (rolls eyes)
29. Read 3000+ books (both self-helps, spiritual and financial educational books)

•Wole Soyinka ( almost did hoping for another opportunity)
•Robert kiyosaki
•Pastor Joseph Prince
•Niyi Adesanya
•Pastor Sam Adeyemi,
•Anthony Robbins
Pastor Yugo
•Rev. David Ogbueli,
•Donald trump,
Bill gates
Mark Zukerburg
30. Create a YouTube video channel
31. Learn video editing
32. Learn Graphic designing(50%)
33. Learn to play an Instrument (Piano, Drum and Guitar) Just want to be good on instruments.
34. Learn web-designing
(learned the basics like HTML and HTML5 and a lil CSS in 2015)
35. Learn how to take world-class photographs ( I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH4 camera as a start)
36. Learn to ride a bike
37. Learn to play a piano
38. Type in 60wpm (word per minute)
•{was on 41wpm in 2015; trolling on 44wpm 2016}
39. Write a book for teens—academic or self-help (working on one)
40. learn the following languages well
•French (Know a little though)
•Chinese and Korean.
41. Own a corporation
42. Learn how to use Photoshop.
43. Achieve world dominance.

Hope to accomplish them all. I uploaded them so that I can easily see them each day.
What I learnt from reviewing my goals was that many may appear “impossible” to me now, but the only way I will be able to attain them is to continue to grow and be better than who I am now. Which I believe I can accomplish by always testing my limits.


Do you have one, well what are they?
We’re in this together. Happy holidays

Think Positive, Think Different.
See you at the top.

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