2-sentence Summary

The 7 habits of emotionally resilient people explored in this book will give you the tools to master your emotions by ensuring your emotions are the passengers in the car rather than the driver. It clearly points out the differences between a resilient and non-resilient person.

Emotional resilient people who are no longer held back by limiting emotions–no matter how tempting, achieve more success in every area of life. Akash P. Karia

My 3-takeaways In a glance:
1. Your emotion is your reality.
2. Your body language is the cause of your emotions
3. Take charge of your emotions by controlling your ABC loop

1. Your emotion is your reality.
We have to open and be willing to learn in this context, our learning process begins with an honest acknowledgement of every emotion we experience. Whatever emotion– fear, jealousy, we should allow ourselves to feel it without an attempt to our it away or change it. By accepting your emotions as a reality, it gives you an opportunity to take careful inventory of every feelings you encounter and move on to make positive changes.

2. Your body language is the cause of your emotions

Our body language plays a big role in creating a powerful emotional balance. As simple as our body posture, we can increase our confidence by 20%, boost our testosterone level and reduce stress by 25%. Wow isn’t that amazing?!

3. Take charge of your emotions by controlling your ABC loop

Your ABC loop in a simple context, is an acronym for
A = Antecedent {The stimulus}
B = Behaviour
C = Consequences
The Antecedent is a given thing that spurs someone to do something.
The behaviour, is the reaction that follows when you give in.
The consequence, is what happens or the feelings left after for what you’ve done.

Here’s an example for more clarity. Say you want to lose weight but when you find chocolates around, you find yourself being tempted to eat them even when you’re on diet. But why not toss them out of the house? By getting rid of those chocolates {the antecedent}, you change your emotional response. Instead of eating the chocolate, by getting rid of it is {the behaviour} the consequence? You don’t get to gain more weight.

P.S: Got this book from the author and I’ll say that Akash drove the points home beautifully.

Ratings: 3.99 of 5

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