[Book Review] Think like a champion By Donald Trump

Great men are groundbreakers who follow their instincts, which led us in new direction.

1-sentence Summary
Think like a champion provides wonderful and tactful approaches on our thoughts to life and business challenges.

My 3 Takeaways
1. View work as an art.
Here Donald Trump illustrated Picasso’s response about someone who visited the Studio, and stood in front of a painting and asked, how much it cost. In no uncertain terms, he answered $200K. This was because Picasso saw his arts as a business and not just an art.
When you view your work—anything you do, as an art, it makes you work in trying to impress yourself by expressing your muse instead of impressing anyone else. In as much as we are to impress no one but ourselves, we should try to compete with ourselves to be the best of what we could be.

2. Keep things short, fast and direct.
In order to think like a champion, we should be time conscious. Donald flashed back at the story of Ricardo Bellino from his former book think like a billionaire, who wanted to present a business proposal but because of his time and mood, decided to give Mr. Ricardo 3mins and thought he would decline but instead he gave a great and wonderful presentation within that time. That showed how ready and time conscious he was, and the deal was on. That’s the power of a deadline which when people use in their presentations of any sort or shows like the apprentice and lion’s den. Being concise and astute in presenting your ideas or words is a big leap toward leadership and respect.

3. Keep the big picture in mind.
We should focus time focusing time on our opportunities much more than our problems. No matter our challenges or problems of any sort. We have to keep the big picture in mind. Even when minding the details or our vision could look cloudy and become micromanaged in an unnecessary way. According to Donald Trump, he always tries to keep two wavelengths going at once which prevents brain cramps and reminds him that he is destined for success. He believed this not because of his background or of any sort but because he knew in accordance to the quote of Henry David Thoreau, “men are born to succeed, not fail”.

3 ways to keep a big picture in mind
1. Expect Challenges
As we continue our everyday task, challenges of any sort is meant to arise without us planning for it. When we find ourselves in a mess and we think we are short of ideas on what to do, that’s when the theory of adaptability comes into play. We should cultivate the habit to adapt to the changes we see and go with the tide.

2. Remain determined
Having a big picture in mind needs great determination. Allow me to add this; vision is a mental picture for a desired future.

3. Keep your hopes high by never yielding to external forces of any sort.
A perfect epitome Donald illustrated here was the story a man who loved soda so much which later made him go into soda business and named his product 3-up which flopped, 4-up, 5-up and later again 6-up which all fell through and he gave up and lost hope on them.  Now, 7-up Is a very famous and successful brand of soda.

The more independent people become, the stronger a nation becomes as a whole

Mindset includes responsibility and focus

My Personal Takeaways
Think like a champion, is a collection of thought processes that could lead people to success. It is one of his written works on his approach to his life and business. It’s a book that has on its own ways of making one improve on transmuting ideas for success the book is actually awesome with great approaches on how to be a successful entrepreneur, business person and jam-packed quotes that are thought provoking. There are many books out there on “thoughts”; Donald did a good job in making this more concise by relating it to informal education and our business life.
Number of pages: 204
To youths who have hope of learning more about stand up presentation, to any adult that hopes to own a business in time to come or has one and would like to learn more mastery on it and to a budding entrepreneur who would like to get more insights in finishing strong

Ratings: 4.0/5.0

Fear has a way of making things bigger than they are.

Have you read it, what’s your takeaways and favourite quotes? Feel free to share.
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Think Positive, Think Different.

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