TURN challenges TO strength (5 mins)

The challenges in our lives are there to STRENGTHEN our CONVICTIONS. They are
NOT there to run us over.
Nick Vujicic

Challenges is when you are trying to get up a stair case and at the middle, it just seems there is nothing to place your foot on–when there is.
When your focus is strong, and your mind is glued to your reward, challenges will be surmounted.
Difficult periods in our lives can be challenging, but using them as opportunities to change and
grow can be rewarding.

Being proactive when it comes to making changes in your life, breaking old habits and getting out of your comfort zone are sometimes in order.
You do what you know day in and day out. That’s life. It’s all you know. But suppose life presents you with a challenge that makes you stumble and fall flat on your face? Maybe it’s loss of a Job or a loved one’s death or be it academic hindrance or financial crisis and so on, Have you considered that it’s possible to use these events to look at life
in a new way, or do you want to remain stuck face-down in the pavement? How do you take
what you know and change it.
It all depends on two factors

  1. Environmental Challenges
  2. Physical challenges.

1. Environmental Challenges
One thing you should never forget is that there is nothing in life that does not have its challenges. You need to create a file in your Mind just know that for everybody who wants to make it up the stairs of success in life, challenges are bound to appear.

When you have this stored within you, any time you come across challenges, it will never freak you because you will see it as a stepping stone.

Things around you might stand as hindrance, it might start from your family, your friends might take things up against you, things might seem not to be working out the way you planned but brace up instead of being a worrier, be a warrior.

The challenge most people face is delay but guess what!? it doesn’t mean denial. Where you will get to will not be taken away from you.
Most times your challenges are evidence of your struggle for success and they teach you to manage what you have achieved.

2. Physical Challenges

Now we all know what the physical mean let me delve into epitomes.

Sudha Chandran was born in Chennai, South India. She completed her Masters in Economics from Mumbai. On
one of her return trips from Mumbai to Chennai, she had an accident resulting in the amputation of her right leg. She was given an artificial leg and despite this terrible disability, she became one of the most accomplished and acclaimed dancers of the Indian Subcontinent.

Dr. Hugh Herris a professor at MIT in both the Media department the Health Sciences and Technology department. Herr is also the director of the Biomechatronics Group, dedicated to the research of human mechanics and the development of robotic prosthetics to augmenthuman activity. But as a child, he was a devoted rock climber. When Herr was a teenager, a rock climbing expedition turned into a disaster when a blizzard stranded him and a friend for three days. Both of his legs were amputated due to
frostbite damage. But did he stop climbing? No, Herr designed his own special climbing prosthetics and went back to his passion. He
then earned degrees in mechanical engineering and biophysics and began inventing hi-tech systems to help others who have lost limbs or
the use of body parts. Herr’s life is the subject of a book, Second Ascent: The Story of Hugh Herr and a National Geographic documentary, Ascent:
The Story of Hugh Herr.

• At the age of nine, Marla Runyan developed Stargardt’s Disease, which is a form of macular degeneration that left her
legally blind. Marla Runyan is a three time national champion in the women’s 5000 meters. She won four gold medals
in the 1992 summer Paralympics.

Beethoven is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers in history. He gave his first public performance as a pianist when he was only 8 years old. He studied in Vienna under the guidance of Mozart. By his mid-twenties he had earned a name for himself as a great pianist known for unpredictable and brilliant improvisations. In the year 1796 Beethoven began losing his hearing. In spite of his illness he immersed himself in his work and created some of the greatest works of music.

If Despite the disabilities of these people they became great icons. Then what are you waiting for?

Here are 5 reasons we face challenges.
1. Meeting challenges builds inner strength and gets us prepared for a greater one ahead.
2. When on is engaged in a challenging task, one is fully present and dedicates all of
their focus, forgetting about past and future.

3. Confronting challenges makes for a smaller ego and brings the humility in realizing that
there are some things that we still need to learn.
4. Taking action in the face of challenge forms a sense of self-responsibility instead of looking to others as a source of blame
or help.
5. The confidence and pride of accomplishing difficult tasks free up one’s mind and spirit to be kind, thoughtful, and generous to
others, by letting love lead.

As crazy as this might sound, challenging circumstances serve the purpose of teaching us how to enjoy the moment. Life is a series of highs and lows, but we can’t allow our lows to snatch our joy and dictate our feelings. Learn to
enjoy every moment of every day despite what life presents. The more we practice, the better we will be at enjoying the moment. Focusing on
solutions keeps our thoughts in the moment, and what we can accomplish in the now.
Give yourself the reason to make it, Give yourself the chance you deserve.
Instead of just praising others for theirs, why don’t you challenge yourself to do something. The world is waiting to see your works.

Now over to you, how do you turn your challenges around?

Think Positive, Think Different.

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