3-Day Quote Challenge Day 3

Dalai Sama

Reflect on it…

here’s another


My Addition to this
You are a vivid reflection of your thoughts. Whatever you think of, you act on. [if you think you could fail in doing something, you could.]
Always try to stay positive by keeping your mind filled with words that will help you grow and by surrounding yourself with people who will help bring out your best.

Take a step forward into the light and create a world of your own by thinking positively and differently.
Day 3 Nominees
Elan Mudrow
Vincent Carlos

How do you stay positive? Please share with us.


4 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge Day 3

  1. Exactly, words have an immense power, they do not only shape our thoughts but also our actions. They are living beings inside our minds. 🙂

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  2. Hello Nicia. yeah you’re right. I like that last line “they are living things inside our mind”. Appreciate your comment. You’re the best. How have you been? Hope you’re making magic?


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