Thank you 2015! Hello 2016!


This year has been one of the most productive years in my life. To have met like minds, made new friends and probably foes I guess… to have achieved most of my goals, gained new skills, found new ideas, made few mistakes and also right one’s, got more experience, more opportunities and to have been a part of  a wonderful, inspiring, brilliant and beautiful communities both online and local, I say thank you!!

To my followers, you’re the best!
To my remarkable commentators, God Bless You.
To my friends, y’all are terrific.
To my A-team, y’all are Super-Fantastic.
To my wonderful and lovely family members (my Granny, cousins, Nephews, uncles, aunts…), God keep you all.
To my fellow writers, together we’ll write our way to history.
To my fellow dreamers, don’t stop dreaming. Dream High And Dream Big. Nothing Is Impossible If You Put Your Mind Into It.
To my fellow blogging community, you’re Absolutely Sensational.
To my fellow people that are absolutely M.A.D (making a difference) for the kingdom to humanity, yall Epic.
To my mentors, role-models, teachers, you’re all spectacular.
And… the last but most important of all, to my creator, friend, father, teacher, my all ‘n all—Jesus, having searched from the east to the west, it’s of no doubt He’s  the best and better than the rest. He’s  awesome. I can’t ask for more. Other than the love He lavished on me, He give me Himself and that’s all I ever need. Thank you lord!!! I boast in you. Well goodbye 2015 and hello 2016! It’s just less than 4days.
Happy New Year in advance people!


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