You are a Gift

“It’s not how much we give but how much love
we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa


As Christmas season approaches, which I believe is 5 days away, my thoughts went to the whole gift giving process. Gifts are quite individual, both those you buy for others and those you might want to receive. In a perfect gift buying scenario, when you think about buying gifts for the people you love, you think about what each person would most like to receive. You probably choose different gifts for each of those special people based on what you know they most like and you get a lot of pleasure out of making that

Then you get all excited about buying the gifts and anticipating how much Pleasure each person will have when they open the gift and see what you bought them. That pleasure extends when you think about how they will enjoy the gift in the future.  After you have the gifts, you wrap them so that they look beautiful. Each one looks different and even the wrap and bow you choose suit the size and shape of the box that holds the gift.

You think about those you love with joy as you are going through this whole process. You don’t criticize them because they have different interests or tastes. You don’t think they are bad because one’s a man and one’s a woman and one’s a child. You don’t care that one likes Berbie and one prefers to have a car or one likes football and the other loves clothes. You’re just focusing on finding that perfect gift and giving it to them and how happy they will be when they open it

In the eyes of the world, you are that same gift. You came here to contribute something that is needed by others. No one else can give, contribute or do what
you do in your own unique way. Others may have similar qualities and ways of doing things, but no one else is exactly like you, so your contribution will always
be special. The size and shape of your box is slightly different from everyone else. You’re wrapped with special paper that suits you and you have a different coloured
bow. To the rest of us, you are special and wonderful and perfect for us to receive.
You bring something to us that we most want and/or need to receive.
Remember that what each of us came here to give is unique. I’m not supposed to
be you and you are not supposed to be me, or anyone else.

What gift are you giving to the world? What do others tell you they love about you? What positive effect do they say you have on them?
Do you appreciate yourself?
Do you put your attention on your gifts or do you
compare yourself to others and think you should be more like them or good at something you’re not
This Christmas season give yourself the gift of unconditional love. It will have an amazing impact on your life.
When you appreciate the gift you are in the world, you contribute to others in a way that no one else can.
Merry Christmas in advance.

Think Positive, Think Different.
See you at the top.

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