Just recently, I met a friend of mine who likes going to gym almost everyday. Maybe to keep fit or for the ladies I just don’t care. He also does weight lifting. Out of the  weights in the gym, there were two he doesn’t lift. I was curious to know why because by looking at his muscular body, I felt like there was nothing he couldn’t lift. (he could lift the Eiffel tower too) I was puzzles to know why he never tried.   I asked he said that someone who was more muscular than him tried lifting them but couldn’t. He then thought to himself not to try lifting those loads. I was like he should try lifting them again despite the fact, he told me that he had tried but had muscle pull and back ache. We had to bet on something though for him to try it again. If he succeeds he will get to pay for few things I wanted to get in a store just across the road but if he doesn’t, then my wrist watch was on the line. Oh well I got my fingers crossed. After all said and done, he lifted them up! Like something came over him. Wow he was amazed and I was too. I was happy the more because I got to keep my wrist watch — I have it on me now. After seeing him accomplish such great feat, I realized that as humans, we’ve got no limit; we have all the power inside of us to do great things. I can recall years back when I heard of a woman that lifted a car when she saw her little girl under it on the verge of being squashed. Now I understand why she could–because of her “will power”. I guess it just comes to play in a very crucial Scenerio. Just like my friend who thought, believed and accepted that he couldn’t. After seeing someone who he thought could have done more, failed. It registered in his subconscious and conscious which made him unable to lift the weight when he tried thus brought about the back pains and muscle pull too. But after a while, was able to lift it. This just shows how powerful our thoughts and us are. You may find strong people, but you can be even stronger. They van be fast, but you can be faster. Don’t surrender. There’s no limit to what you can do. Your speed and stability, all your ability comes from within. You’ve got that power within to win. Just like Kelly Clarkson sang, spread your wings and learn how to fly. Do everything till you touch the sky. Make a wish, take a chance, make a change and break away. This is a new week. Break that limit; you’ve got the power to win. 


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