It’s another Monday; so many people hate this
day, about 85% of salary earners hate this day
because it comes with its own stress and
pressure. The question is what is the difference
between Pressure and Stress?
Stress is a word now commonly used to describe
both the events that are a source of pressure
and the subjective feelings associated with
external events and stimuli. The Health & Safety
Executive defines stress as ‘the adverse reaction
a person has to excessive pressure or other
types of demands placed upon them’. This
makes a distinction between ‘pressures’, which
can be a positive state if managed correctly, and
‘stress’ which can be detrimental to health.
Pressure on the other hand, is the part of the
job, we all know that, little pressure is ok to get
the task done with improved performance but
excessive pressure can lead to lot of problem
mentally and physically. Nowadays many people
think of ways to reduce pressure at work as
growing competition and business hierarchy are
major causes of pressure.
Therefore, the followings are ways to manage
the pressure:
• Take time before you react. Study any given
situation carefully, think about it and come up
with a plan. This is a better way to respond than
being hasty
• Prioritize tasks; focus on tasks which are linked
to your most immediate objective.
• Direct your energy toward situations where you
can affect the outcome and don’t spend time
worrying about what you cannot change.
Successful people focus on tasks which they can
control and let go of the rest.
• Take the help of others. You can seek the
input of other people before reaching any
decision. You may also delegate some tasks to
others if you have a tight schedule. Decide which
tasks can be delegated to other people and do
• Learn how to deal with different kinds of
people at work – complainers, aggressive people
etc. Develop your listening skills in order to
interact better with people and pay attention to
improving your communication skills.



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