“A river cuts through rock, not because of it’s
power, but because of its persistence”
We live in a world filled with war and conflicts.
People around us feel and wish there is a place
where they could go to that they will call a “safe
haven” but I’m sorry to burst that bubble, there
isn’t. Each and every one of us cry out for
change. I know the problems in our country tend
to escalate each passing year. Just recently,
according to studies, the number of abortions in
Nigeria alone as at 2012 was 1.5 million. Wow
that’s quite a number.
The increased rate of corrupt practices never
ends. We solicit and cry out for peace but at the
end that peace we search for, we may not see.
There is a reason why. This is because we just
sit down and wait for the government to do
something instead of trying to fight for that
peace. Mahatma Ghandi beautifully said, “Be the
change you want to see in the world” this is
completely true. If we need something changed
we have got to work together to see that it—the
change we need, happens.
The time for us to sit back and keep on dreaming
is over. We have got to wake up and pursue
those dreams. We may have woken to pursue
our dreams but because of what people say, we
tend to give in to their words. Thereby, turning
and going back to sleep a little more. I want to
tell you to wake up and pick up those materials
and continue! Many great men we hear today
never made it to the top by just wishing.
They worked at getting what they wanted. They
had numerous hurdles to jump, and one striking
similarity between all of these great men we
hear is that they stayed true to their cause. They
always looked ahead. You may look around and
see how poor your background is, how you have
been living off drinking “Garri” as your breakfast,
lunch and dinner. You may be asking one of the
most asked questions we all ask “can I make it?”
the answer to this question is simple: YES YOU
If those great men we heard of, gave up to their
cause, would we hear about them? It may not be
easy but it’s worth it. Don’t let your
circumstances now, keep you blinded to the ever
truth that YOU CAN. I stumbled on a post on
facebook months ago on how MTN came to
invest in Nigeria at a time when nobody wanted
to check-in here to invest, at a time when
Nigerians never had phones.
They were short of cash. They asked for loan
from Zenith bank but were turned down they
persisted because they looked forward to the
“tomorrow” we see today, will bring. Today the
difference is clear. Henry ford wanted
automobiles to be owned by many even the “low
class” individuals it seemed impossible but today
it isn’t. Bill Gates believed, Martin Luther King jr.
believed, Nelson Mandela believd they all
believed and I urge you to believe. Re-ignite that
spark and don’t stop, keep at it.
There may be days when you get up in the
morning and things aren’t the way you had hoped
they would be. That’s when you beat your chest
and say that things will be better. Don’t stop
what you do continue and keep at it. The only
difference between here and there is ‘T’ which is
time. They told Bill Gates, they told Henry Ford,
they told Andrew Carnegie but today they are
history makers. Don’t listen to what people may
say or what life is throwing at you. Believe and
keep at it.
“You don’t have to be great to start, but you
have got to start to be great.”
See you at the top.


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